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Private villas are spaced to provide complete tranquility at the Bagus Jati Resort.

My Private Island – A Tour of Bali’s Most Secluded Resorts

By Abhishek Khandelwal  /     Dec 14, 2014  /     Bali Huts, Gazebos  /     0 Comment

Surprisingly, for an island of 4 million people, Bali has a wealth of beautiful secluded places perfect for anyone weary and wanting to get away from the day-to-day struggle of modern life. Whether you seek a peaceful place to meditate, practice yoga or be together with your loved ones, Bali has many idyllic destinations that […]

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Frank Lefebvre of French design studio Bleu Nature, created this cozy outdoor beachside cafe with domes and furniture made from reclaimed driftwood in Porto Cervo, Italy.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Shelters

By Abhishek Khandelwal  /     Nov 17, 2014  /     Bali Huts, Gazebos  /     0 Comment

The increasing popularity of outdoor living and the desire to enjoy nature in comfort without destroying it has led to much renewed interest in eco-friendly outdoor shelters. While many modern designers are experimenting with natural materials using eco-friendly designs and finishes, others are reviving centuries old building techniques to create outdoor living spaces that are […]

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7 More of the World’s Most Romantic Balinese Themed Resorts

By Abhishek Khandelwal  /     Oct 21, 2014  /     Bali Huts  /     1 Comment

Ever since our first collection of the World’s 7 Most Romantic Balinese Themed Resorts we’ve been getting great feedback about how much you loved reading about these amazing couple’s getaways. We’ve also heard from some people pointing out even more Balinese style resorts that we either overlooked or simply didn’t have space for. There is […]

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Traditional island building materials such as bamboo, grass thatch, coconut, bamboo and teak have been incorporated into modern tropical style gazebos.

Gazebo Style – From Luxury Resorts to Your Own Backyard

By Abhishek Khandelwal  /     Oct 06, 2014  /     Backyard Decoration, Gazebos, Patio, Patio Design  /     0 Comment

The popular garden gazebo comes in many shapes and sizes and is known by many names. Whether you call them summerhouses, pavilions, belvederes, pagodas or Bali huts, gazebos have been gracing gardens for centuries. Gazebos provide shade from the sun, protection from the rain and a pleasant spot to rest and enjoy a panoramic vista […]

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Bali Hut Style Goes Global

By Abhishek Khandelwal  /     Sep 26, 2014  /     Bali Huts  /     0 Comment

Modern Balinese style architecture has been finding a home in far flung locations around the world. Leading practitioners of Bali inspired design have been gaining international attention. Balinese designer Yoka Sara, Malaysian architect Cheong Yew Kuan and Bali based garden designer, architect and leading Bali design and architecture scholar, Made Wijaya have been creating contemporary […]

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How to Build a Bali Hut and Backyard Pond

By Abhishek Khandelwal  /     Jul 29, 2014  /     Backyard Decoration, Bali Huts, Gazebos, Patio, Patio Design  /     2 Comments

Several years ago Better Homes and Gardens Australia put together some simple plans with step by step instructions and a couple of short videos showing how to build your very own backyard Bali hut and pond. While you may prefer to hire a contractor or purchase a Bali hut kit that comes complete with all […]

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7 Great Green DIY Outdoor Home Improvement Projects

By Abhishek Khandelwal  /     Jul 05, 2014  /     Backyard Decoration, Bali Huts  /     1 Comment

Add some style while you help the environment with these 7 great green projects that you can do yourself.  1. Brick Walkway or Patio Recycled brick can be used for a host of beautiful outdoor projects. The warm rusty red color and rough hewn edges of recycled brick add a decidedly old world flavor to […]

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6 Coolest Tiki Bars in the World

By Abhishek Khandelwal  /     May 13, 2014  /     Bali Huts  /     2 Comments

Tiki bars have a surprisingly large and dedicated following around the globe. Newly enlightened tiki aficionados are often surprised at just how many people share their passion and the bizarre out-of-the-way places where tiki bars thrive. From Barcelona to Bora Bora and Manila to Manhattan, you can find tiki bars across the globe. Here are […]

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